Why Raise Your Body’s Vibrational Frequency?

Have you heard some people say they did not feel the “vibe”? Have you encountered a location, office, or person that made you experience negative feelings, or a sense of being uncomfortable? Have you questioned your senses and had some doubts that your gut feelings were accurate about these sensations?

Lets explain exactly what you are sensing. You sense the energy that radiates out from people’s thoughts and their bodies which are vibrational frequency.

The difference between vibration and frequency. Vibration is a wave that travels in one direction.

Frequency is the number of waves per unit of time. In other words, frequency is a unit of Hertz 1/second which is a measurement of 1 cycle per second. Hertz is a term often associated with alternating current, electromagnetic waves such as light, sound, radar, etc.

Frequency is the rate of vibration measured over a specific period of time in one second increments.

To raise your vibration, you must increase your body’s frequency.

High frequencies waves can be measured in waves between 3 – 30mHz

The body has different organs that produce different measurable low frequencies.
Heart beat 1 hz
brain 10hz
blood circulation .05 -.3 hz

The entire body including your cells emits frequencies that uniquely identify you. The organs emit low frequencies. Anyone can raise the frequency of the rest of their body. To raise your frequency, you must raise your vibrational energy.

Here is a chart of emotions and how their measured vibrational frequencies relate to certain emotions .

The frequencies are measured and placed from low frequency to higher frequencies ascending.

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How to check your body’s frequency by checking yourself physically?

Very simple. Ask yourself how do you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally?

Here are some reasons to raise your vibes.

If you emit low frequencies from your body continuously, your energy is dense, dark, and heavy. Your life will become very negative here at this level. On the lower levels, you can experience pain and discomfort in your body. You will feel repressed, depressed, weighted down, oppressed, and stuck. Your mind will be confused and you can not focus.

You will feel a lot of negative emotions that well up often and you have no control over feelings. Your health will be impacted in some capacity. In this state, you will attract all of the negative the universe has to you.

Your problems will seem heavy, difficult, and never ending because you continuously bring in more bad things into your life while in a low vibe state. Some call this stage a string of bad luck. A series of never ending negative bad life experiences you go through.

If you want your life to improve, you have to make the commitment to act quickly to make changes. The answer is you need to raise your frequency levels. While down at this level of energetic frequency, very difficult for many people to break free of this cycle. Only you can make the conscious decision to break the chains.

Some people already are in a good frequency state. They know that by raising and keeping their body’s frequency on a higher frequency level, they experience better health, mental, and emotional states as well as physically.

Here in this stage, you will come to the realization that you are empowered, have mental clarity, focus, and you feel all of the higher vibrational frequency energies such as lots of love and happiness. You feel energized, light, and clear. In this state of higher energy, you are better equipped to handle easily and quickly any negative thoughts and emotions that may come up.

Your body and life feels light and you are full of light energy that others can sense. Life flows smoothly for you and good things come to people in this higher vibrational frequency.

To remain in this state, takes work to remain in this higher frequency levels. Lower frequencies can drag you down. You must be conscious of your physical being to avoid going down the chart on the frequency levels.

Everyone has the conscious decision to choose light high frequency energy, or darkness low vibrational frequency.  Only you can decide based on how you want to feel.

I’m researching more information for this article, so much more information will follow.

Question everything, analyze, and always do your own research to “Be In The Know™” Breaie®

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