Start With Attainable Goals


Whatever your path is in life or the path you want to take must have clearly defined written goals.  If you have never written goals out before and have no idea of what to do see my recent article I wrote on this subject

To build your confidence on using this technique start by creating short term easily attainable goals.  Start small to test and prove to yourself these techniques work.

Clearly defined written goals also requires commitment, persistence, and consistency to be successful.  Discipline is needed as well.  Discipline is a Latin word meaning learning. To have discipline is to have total self-control.  Basically, this means, you learn self-control and discipline to do the things you know you need to do even when you don’t feel like doing them. This is what many people refer to as your “Why”.  Why are you doing something that many people will not do now for better returns later so you will have what others won’t have later.

Here are the components of attainable goals:

Thoughts                    Words                      Written Goals                           Actions

In order for anything to be created, it must be a thought first.  The thought is an idea or seed in the mind.  Thoughts are often times spoken out loud to gain clarity as they are written down.

Those thoughts must be written down in writing clearly defined and greatly detailed as possible.  Here is an example of how a thought becomes reality. Nothing in our lives just appeared either we went along with the flow and life dealt you a bunch of lemons or you took control and asked for lemonade. Every item in your home, city, and in the stores to name a few were all ideas at one time.  Someone had a thought that was the basis of an idea and did not let the idea slip from their mind.  That individual acted on that idea that popped int their head by taking notes. After the notes were written, they expanded on their idea so that the idea grew, well defined, and thoroughly thought out.

Another example of this concept is a builder goes to an architect with an idea of a new floor plan for a home that has never been built before.  The builder has to be very clear all the way down to little specific details to bring this idea into writing.  The writing is called a blueprint.  The blue print for this house is well laid out concepts of how the house would look, fixtures, floor plan, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, windows, colors and so many other items that have to be included in this blueprint design.

I’m just trying to you an idea.  Every detail is laid out in this blueprint.  The blueprint is same as written goals.  Thoughts to words, written down becomes a plan or blueprint.

Next step is to speak to those goals as well as take action on building that house with persistence and consistency.  You can not start building a house and let the partially built house sit in the elements for any length of time.  Once the process starts, must be through, precise, and quick to completion. Persistence and consistency are the main actions that you will have to take to bring your dreams and goals into your world to build that house so to speak.

I suggest you start with small dreams or goals of things you would like to accomplish within a short time frame.  This technique can be done on any goal, want, need, or desire.

For example, set a goal of learning to bake a cake from scratch and learn to decorate the cake so that the cake looks not only attractive but is tasty as well.

Have multiple layered or stacked goals for different dates of accomplishment.  Continue to build your  confidence levels on obtaining your goals, and when you feel ready to go after your larger goals, be prepared to achieve your accomplishments.

Thanks to Tero Vesalainen on for the nice picture.

Post Author: Bria