Schools Want You To Be Dumb And Poor

Entrepreneurship is a better way for the majority of people that are willing to make shifts in their entire mindset and lifestyle.

I’ve written a blog post previously about weighing all of your options before making a final decision on attending college.

School will never teach you about money. The educational system is set up by design to make you fail. The current way of educating young minds is memorize facts and give those facts out when called on. The system stifles creativity, free thoughts, and imagination. Schools only teach people how to become employees.

To be really successful, you have to unlearn everything you have been taught in the school system, by society, and from your family, and friends.

Where you are at in life on the socioeconomic ladder as well as how you handle your money is based on the teachings of your family. Through learned behaviors and the spoken words that are absorbed on the subconscious level.

Absorbed over repeated exposure, this information is passed down generation to generation without any thoughts about questioning this information. Most people just say well that is how our family has always been. They never question why that happens to them and their relatives or how to change their situation.

Want to change your learned patterns of behavior? You have to be willing to face change. Many people will not change because of the fear of something new, unknown, or they are afraid of loosing the approval of their friends and family.

You have to look past all of these limiting beliefs. You have to re-train your mind to open up and see opportunities. Learn to develop your imagination, creativity, and critical thinking skills. The skills you develop on your own initiative that they do not teach you in school will make you more successful, have better relationships, and wealthy.

Are you willing to make changes in your thoughts, beliefs, and speech to create a better life for yourself?

Remember, the poor are easy to control. Here is a quote from John D. Rockefeller ” I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.”  Let that sink in for a moment.

Here is a video that truly gives a lot of credibility to this article. Robert Kiyosaki author of The Rich Dad Poor Dad Book as well as many other fantastic books he has written. I truly highly recommend his work.

Robert in this video is being interviewed and he has some very shocking disclosures about the school system that is run by the Department of Education. He is “in the know” about the educational system because his father was the superintendent of the Hawaii School systems.

More things to make you use your critical thinking skills concerning the public school system.

You can be sued for criticizing the public school educational system. Recently a parent in North Carolina was hit with a lawsuit claiming libel and slander over voicing his concerns over the new math teaching curriculum developed by a Utah company.  The curriculum was purchased by the school system and being used to educate our young people.

This Utah based company named Mathematics Vision Project aka MVP  for short.  This company doesn’t want the parents to have a say in their kid’s education or question their  teaching techniques.

Article can be read here:

Yelp reviews are interesting read on this company’s core teaching programs for math. Lots of negative reviews of frustrated parents with kids that were good students now with failing grades that contacted this company and was ignored.

Their core teaching principle is let the kids figure math out on their own and then teach each other.  Hmm.  What could possibly go wrong here with this curriculum?

Best to master the subject matter first and then help others understand the mathematical concepts.  Then, the lessons learned for the teacher is reinforced through teaching the correct ideas to students.  Learning through this technique goes quickly for majority of the students.

Students who understand math have been tutoring for years with this principle.  The secret is they already know math before they teach it.

See this:

There is also a Facebook page created by the parent who is being sued to gather other parents that have kids that are doing poorly under the new way to teach math education which is nothing now.

Why would the education system now decide that you really don’t need to understand math?  Keep you dumb?  You can’t manage your money and stay dependent on the government?

Question everything, analyze, and always do your own research to “Be In The Know™” Breaie®

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