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Lots of people are entertaining the idea of getting into blogging or some other online business.  To get anything going online first requires an online hosting company to host your site so your site is visible on the internet.

A web hosting service provider provides the services and the servers to be able to allow your webpages to be seen on the internet.  Your website is stored on servers owned by the hosting company.

The majority of the hosting companies will require that you have your own domain name to host with them.  You will need to think about a good domain name for your website and purchase the name for hosting purposes.

Hosting companies also provide services for you to purchase your own unique domain name under a variety of extensions.  For example, domain names such as or  The extensions are endless now. The price to purchase your own domain name is very reasonable.

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I highly recommend A2 Hosting for web hosting and domain name purchase because I have used them for my hosting needs for many years now.

I can truthfully say their hosting and tech support are excellent. They provide numerous benefits on the back end to host your website with them.

I will go over the most relevant points to consider why host with them.

Their tech support Gurus are available 24/7 via phone or chat.  They also have a ticket based system that you can file a ticket for support on an issue you are experiencing in your dashboard.

I prefer to reach out by phone if I am in a bind.  Often times, Guru support can talk me through my issues over the phone.  Their tech gurus are very knowledgeable and frequently teach me technical skills to help me be a better webmaster.

You can check and see for yourself A2 Hosting has won numerous rewards for their service and hosting.  They provide an anytime money back guarantee.

Should you already have a live site and want to transfer to their hosting, they can migrate your live site over for free.

I strongly feel after doing a lot of research that I am getting a great deal and tremendous value with A2 Hosting.

The hosting plan I chose with them gives me unlimited website hosting.  Meaning that I can host as many domain names as I like with them for the same price.   I get unlimited databases to go with each of my websites which is a must.

They offer unlimited data storage and transfer.

They have you covered for SSL for your site.

SSL stands for secure socket layer.  SSL keeps the internet connection secure and provides a layer of protection for any sensitive data between 2 systems.  For example, a shopping site browser where you are about to make a purchase from your laptop.  This is browser to browser.  Can also be server to server.

Secure socket layer ensures that any data that transfers from users and websites or between 2 systems can not be read by anyone. Total encryption.

All of the information is encrypted so hackers cannot read any of the information sent over the connection.  SSL secures sensitive data like credit card information, your address, your passwords, etc.

Google will flag your website as unsafe and tells anyone that goes to your site to close their browser.  Without an SSL certificate in the url area, will display “Unsecure” or “Not Secure”.  Not having an SSL certificate lowers your ranking and affects your SEO.

SSL or secure socket layer protection is a must to increase visitors to your site. SSL  provides a level of trust for your website’s traffic.

When a website has an SSL will display HTTPS or hyper text transfer protocol secure means have SSL certificate.  No SSL will display in url only HTTP.

On any url, you can type in any domain name and you will see in the url area upper left a small icon. You can click on the small icon next to the domain name in the url.  This icon will show the details of the website’s security certificate, who issued the certificate and the name of the owner of the SSL certificate.

A2 Hosting offers a wide selection of SSL certificates for your site.  Free to paid plans. The more elaborate SSL plans which have to be purchased are a must for Ecommerce businesses.

A2 Hosting offers free SSL certificates through which believes everyone should have access to free SSL for their sites.  If you have a simple website, the free SSL plan should work nicely for your website.

Another fantastic offering A2 Hosting has is free SSD.

SSD stands for solid state drive.  Solid state drives are new technology for faster page load speeds. SSD is a data storage device which results in faster more reliable hosting for your website over hosting providers that offer HDD drives that are a bit older slower technology.

The web does run on speed.  This is another major deciding factor to choose them because they don’t charge extra for SSD as other hosting providers do.

When choosing hosting providers, check to see if they offer hackerscan like A2 Hosting which is provided free in their hosting plans.  This gives your site an added level of protection.  With hackerscan you get brute force protection, dual firewalls, and DDoS defense.  DDoS is distributed denial of service attack used by hackers to take your server or network services down.

You can choose your data center anywhere in their global network.

They provide free content delivery network or CDN.

CDN is interesting because this system automatically routes your traffic thru a network of data centers to get the fastest most efficient route to your server. The end result is your website visitors from anywhere in the world experience fast load times to your site.

They provide CPanel for your dashboard on the back end.

CPanel is very user friendly which I love.  Everything you need is in the CPanel.  CPanel is a web based hosting panel to manage your websites.  In the CPanel is where you can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or any other software to create your website with one click install inside your CPanel.

There is so much more inside the CPanel to build a fantastic website.

Here is a screenshot of the Cpanel. This picture does not show everything they provide inside.


FREE site staging.

If you look at the staging area, you will see site staging.  Site staging makes a clone of your live website. This clone is a way to do updates, swap themes, or work on your code with out affecting your live site and suffer downtime or worse.

Once you have made certain all is working well with your site in the staging area, you can push all of the information effortlessly over to your live site.

Staging is much easier than creating a subdomain for a development site.  Conducting testing, installs, etc., and migrating over to live site. Saves a lot of time for other activities.

A2 Hosting also offers multiple backups on their system, in the cloud, and you can manually download backups to your laptop.  Multiple copies in a variety of locations is a must should the unexpected occur.  They offer daily backups.  I’ve found some hosting companies only allow 2 to 3 days a week backups.

If you get stuck or want to learn about all of what A2 Hosting has to offer, they have tons of documentation that you can search through to help you learn or fix your specific problem.

Good luck on your online endeavors.

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