Orange Juice Limeade Vanilla Smoothie

Orange Juice Limeade Vanilla Smoothie

The recipe for the Orange juice limeade and video to make this juice   link is here  

The video is in the blog recipe to follow to make the orange juice limeade. Or…

If you prefer, here is the video:

The only difference to this recipe is I added 4 heaping spoonfuls of Dannon Vanilla yogurt and stirred it into my orange juice limeade recipe that I made in the other video to make a homemade on demand smoothie.  The video for the smoothie is below this article.

I personally prefer Dannon yogurt because of the simple ingredients such as pure cane sugar and milk. Their ingredient list is short compared to other yogurts I’ve seen.

I topped the smoothie with a hand full of flax seeds.

I wanted to provide some knowledge on why I like this recipe and wanted to share this recipe with everyone.

I try to do the best I can to eat and drink healthy. Like everyone else, I can’t with my schedule and time always be able to do that.  I have to be smart and educate myself on what the best choices are available when I eat out to maximize my nutrition and when I am at home and can cook something. I believe everyone is in the same boat as me and is also concerned about eating right for their health.  We all need to know what the body needs to take in nutritionally to be consumed to stay healthy and watch their weight.

Allow me to share with you what I have learned about the health benefits of yogurt. I’ll keep this very short and not go into deep details.

We all know that yogurt provides a lot of calcium which protects against osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones become weak and brittle. This condition can often occur with aging. Females develop this condition more than men. To prevent osteoporosis, people need to do weight bearing exercises, get plenty of calcium, vitamin D3 which helps body absorb the calcium, and eat a healthy diet.

Yogurt contains live beneficial bacterial cultures called probiotics that help keep the gut healthy. The gut is full of good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are the good bacteria that you want in your digestive tract to help you stay healthy.

Probiotics naturally occur in the intestines. These good microbes help regulate digestive systems and gives a boost to your immune system. Yes, probiotics have been shown in research to help your immune system function at peak performance.

Studies have shown that eating yogurt protects against diabetes. This benefit only comes from eating yogurt and no other dairy products.

The gut flora can be easily upset. The gut micro-flora can become unbalanced so that there are more bad gut bacteria that take over and the good gut bacteria are destroyed. This condition will create digestive disorders and other issues quickly.

For example, a person becomes ill and had to see the doctor. The doctor discovers an infection that can only be cured with a round of antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed for the illness. We are lucky to have those antibiotics and highly educated doctors to visit for help when ill. The unfortunate side effect of taking those antibiotics are the good bacteria in the intestines will be killed off and the bad bacteria stays to cause stomach upset in some way.

Now days most doctors tell their patients to get their intestines back to a healthy state, by eating yogurt that contains probiotics.

Do keep in mind that there are many different strains of probiotics. Each strain helps your body differently in some way.

Flax seeds are great nuts to consume. They contain fiber, protein, omega 3s, and ligans. All good things the body needs.

Healthy drinking.

Question everything, analyze it, and do your own research to “Be In The Know ™” Breaie®

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