Make Your Dreams A Reality By Writing Out Your Goals.

To be successful, you have to get definite on your purpose, objectives, dreams, and goals of what you want to accomplish in your life.  Once, you have thought out what you want, you must write out your dreams and goals.  Be very clear, specific, and candid on your goals. You must commit to paper clearly defined vision of what you want and include as many details that is needed to make your written goals as realistic as possible. Don’t worry about the goal sheet being perfect the first time.   There will be numerous modifications as you go along to make your goals detailed specific.  Just start writing. The energy of writing will allow for more creativity and clarity of what you want to surface up to be written down on paper. 

The reason I strongly suggest writing out your goals and dreams verses typing them out is hand writing helps you retain the information written.  Hand writing increases neural activity in certain areas of the brain. This is proven out by magnetic resonance imaging on people while they were hand writing.  The activity of hand writing unleashes creativity in the brain not accessible any other way.  Hand writing forces you to slow down and helps spark your imagination and creativity. 

Let your thoughts roll into your hand as you write them onto paper.  Don’t worry about sentence structure, punctuation, or grammar.  Don’t be concerned about sequence of thoughts, just let your mind and hand connect and put it all on paper.  You can correct everything later. 

After, you have written out your dreams and goals, you must look at them daily as well as speak them daily.  You need strong vision to make your dreams a reality. By looking at and speaking verbally your goals and dreams daily will give you the strength, confidence, hope as well as a road map that you can review anytime to move forward with success. 

Your mind is like a garden.  What you put into your mind or plant in your mind are like seeds that will grow.  You must focus on positive productive thoughts which will put you in control of your mind so you can direct your future with your power of your thoughts and speech.  Otherwise, weeds will grow in your mind which creates negative thoughts which then sprout up in your mind.  Weed out your mental garden and plant the right seeds.  Nurture those seeds and water them for growth by having your dreams and goals written out.

Research is now showing that there is a strong correlation between our thoughts and our physical reality of our lives.  According to an article in Forbes, neuroscientists discovered only 20% of people wrote out their goals.  The people who write out their goals have a higher percentage chance of being successful at obtaining their goals than people who do not have any clearly defined written goals. 

The goals and dreams that are well thought out in every detail have the highest chances of being accomplished. describe your goals in pictures or vivid details.  In the article, they also explained your mind is like a USB or flash drive for external storage. By writing out your goals on paper is the same as storing your goals for easy access to see visually which helps you remember.

Second part of goal setting the neuroscientists discovered is that by putting thoughts into written words creates encoding in our brains and imprints into them into our memory.  There the seeds are planted for growth to bring into existence.

Definite written goals/dreams remind you of what you want to achieve which easily brings your vision into reality and you can track your progress.  These written words can and should be modified as needed to be very specific on what you want to accomplish.

What do you have to lose by writing out some of your goals and dreams and recite them verbally as well as read them daily?  Nothing and you will be amazed at the results that come forth for you with a very small amount of effort.

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