In Case You Have Hit A Wall In Your Business.

Motivational mind speak to feed your head.

If you have hit a wall because of your thought process or your thoughts are brought on by nothing is working currently in your business and you are frustrated, do not give up.  

Whenever you feel you’ve lost your motivation to continue to pursue your passion, think about this.    According to a Gallup poll that came out recently dated May 2017 shows that 74% of the United States employed adults plan to continue to work well past retirement age. 

The possibility of ending up in later years of life at or below the poverty level is a real possibility. Often times, employees are dependent on their companies and can be let go for any reason.  There is no true job security or employee loyalty any more. You have to plan for your future on your own without being totally reliant on your employer for one source of income that can go away quickly.

The older you get, the more difficult landing employment becomes.  Some of the skilled older workers have turned to freelancing because employers prefer to hire younger lower cost workers than to hire highly skilled older workers.

We can assume that high cost of living, huge tax burdens, roller coaster economy, job insecurity have all contributed to this financial enslavement of employees until death. 

There are some workers that will take part time positions for the money and to be able to get out of the house as a form of social interaction and earn a little extra income. Most people, will have no choice, but continue to go to work.

What a shame to work all of those years and not be able to afford to see the world, relax a bit, and enjoy life. 

You have taken the initial steps to financial independence and freedom by choosing to work your business on the side or have taken the leap into full time entrepreneurship.

Maybe you are exploring your options and are unsure of what you would like to do as a business owner.  That is ok. Continue your research and choose something that you are interested in for income.

As an entrepreneur, you are aware of the facts and you have a vision for your future. You are shaping your destiny by not following the much touted by many of the traditional path of go to school and get a job. 

You are fully aware that a business can fund your later years and you are capable of planning for your future with a business and have the possibility of creating multiple streams of income.

Now that I have you thinking about your current business, your future business, and financial goals, let’s go over some motivational reasons to stay focused and move forward with your goals and dreams. 

For those entrepreneurs who have held jobs, recall if you will, the soul sucking corporate grind. Office politics, no job security, over bearing bosses with unrealistic expectations and deadlines.  Traffic jams, long commutes, and scheduling your life around your job. The company can downsize, get sold, or go out of business quickly.  Your job is not secure.

Remember the time spent searching for work? Rejections, lack of responses on your submitted resume, stupid interview questions, tests on your skill sets, and in some cases potential employee evaluations the employers claim that there are no right or wrong answers to these silly invasive questions. 

They are trying to figure out how you think.  Endless prying into your background and looking for reasons not to hire you.  Some examples would be a low credit score, debt, health issues, gaps in your work history because you were seeking work or other reasons are some excuses employers use to reject you as the candidate in the hiring process should you be lucky enough to get an interview. 

Applying for positions that the employer feels you are over qualified and or over educated for gets your resume deleted immediately. 

I hope this jaunt down memory lane has pulled you back to giving thanks that you have your own venture going or have a business idea in the works.  Do not give up. 

Suggestions to keep you going on your path.

Do not skip the daily affirmations and if you are spiritual prayer. Guard your mind carefully and censor what you listen to, who you listen to, and what you watch, as well what you read.   Be cautious of who you spend time with.  Information and energy will affect you consciously and unconsciously. That energy positive or negative will affect your business venture.

Listen to motivational inspirational videos, podcasts, read books, and related articles.  Keep tight control of your thoughts.  Do not allow your emotions and thoughts to control you.  Surround yourself with inspirational quotes and affirmations so you can read them as you need them throughout the day or least daily to lift you up and to keep you moving forward on a positive direction.

Find people and groups that are doing what you want to do. Be around people who are actively pursuing entrepreneurship. Get around like minded people for inspiration, support, and advice. Learn as much as you can from the successful business owners. Find a mentor to help guide you. Choose your mentor wisely.

Go weekly to look at what you want.  If for example your goal is to have a nice home with a pool, look at pictures of those homes for sale online.  Go drive those neighborhoods that you want to live in.  If you can, go to the open houses and tour those homes.  By doing this, you are feeding your mind of what is possible to achieve. 

Create a dream board of what you would like your life to look like, the home you want, where you want to vacation. The list is endless of what you can put on your board.  Look at your vision board at least twice a day to impress upon your subconscious mind that you can achieve what you are dreaming about. 

Surround yourself with people that are business owners and entrepreneurs with varying degrees of success so you can learn from those who are doing and accomplishing what you want in your life.  Don’t forget to give back to others as you achieve your dreams.  Help others and be their mentor that are taking baby steps with sincerity.

Exercise.  Go for a work out at the gym, run, or walk outside.  Walking in the sun no matter the temperature outside has many benefits for your health and mental state.  I like to walk and say silently in my head affirmations/declarations and give thanks for my blessings.  Look around and enjoy your scenery.

Go totally in the moment with no distractions.  This activity lifts me up to be able to go back and focus on the grind with ease. 

Try to keep exercise in your daily routine.  All entrepreneurs have to stay physically and mentally healthy. Being physically fit and mentally tough allows you to easily enjoy your journey to success and enjoy the fruits of your labor now and many years into the future.

If your business pursuit is not making any money yet, ask yourself why.  How long have you been grinding at your idea?  Depending on your financial situation, you may have to set a deadline or take on a part time job to keep your dream going. If you have a day job keep that going until you can replace your income.

Frequently as a small business owner, you may have to make adjustments in your business to be competitive or profitable. Always seek the advice of your mentor. In some cases, you may have to take your passion along with your newly acquired business skills to another entrepreneurial pursuit. 

Shifting to a new pursuit does not mean failure.  Lessons are learned from failures as well as success in business. As long as you push forward with progress and steady attempts, you are still searching to find your path.

Pat yourself on the back because most people cannot accomplish what you have and be able to bounce and roll into a new endeavor.  Whatever happens, do not give up. 

All entrepreneurs have a vision for their future as well as the future of their business for the long term.  What you are doing today will build stability for your life. Keep the hustle going and stay focused.  Your efforts over the long term will pay off for your future in many ways.

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