Full Moon Can Affect Behavior On Earth

We’ve all heard that strange things happen during a full moon.


The old stories from long ago passed down through the generations about people becoming lunatics during a full moon.  These stories date back thousands of years.

This ancient information clearly from observations and written records of human behavior over thousands of years show that the moon phases do affect us on Earth. The ancients have details of the effects in writing and even gave them names for the behavior.

Here are some ancient words that have morphed slightly in our language, but let me give you the ancient root definitions which are interesting.

Origin is Latin. Lunatic “periodic insanity depending on the changes of the moon that could be mentally ill or dangerous. Lunacy means of the moon or moon struck. Latin term Lunatics moonstruck, Luna, lunar means moon. Even the New Testament Greek Version of the Bible mentions today has this passage “seleniazomai “be epileptic,” from selene “moon.”

There is a Luna effect or Luna theory tossed around that there is some possible correlation between moon cycles and human behavior.

We already have proof of the moon’s gravitational effect on Earth with the tides.


High and low tides are correlated and proven to follow gravitational pull of the moon. The moon’s gravitational pull creates the oceans’ tides every 12.4 hours.

The ocean is salt water that also has a frequency. Our bodies are made up of some say 80% water and our body, organs, and DNA emit frequencies that can be measured. Makes sense that the moon can affect us in strange ways that we can not explain.


The Police and Fire Departments in Florida and San Francisco kept details of goings on during full moons.


Their record keeping clearly showed a correlation between the full moon hours and an increase in suicides, homicides, and a spike in the crime rate. They noticed that people with unstable personalities and people under a great deal of stress can be negatively affected by the full moon.

There is a psychiatrist named Dr. Thomas Wehr who published some astonishing findings in a paper describing 17 of his patients “with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder which is a form of mental illness where people switch between depression and mania more quickly than usual.” These people showed an uncanny regularity in their episodes of mental illness around the appearance of the full moon.


In the UK some cities have added extra Police officers to patrol on nights when there are full moons.


They used their crime statistics as well as other strange behaviors to compare along with the lunar graphs. The graphs where the full moon occurred coincided with the spikes in strange and violent behavior spikes in the public going back for decades. This simple act of comparing what the police were already witnessing on the ground to the lunar cycles clearly show a strong correlation between human behavior and full moons.


The full moon does affect our behavior on planet Earth.


However, the full moon itself doesn’t cause an increase in the crime rate, make people go temporarily crazy, or irrational as many believe.

A study conducted recently concluded that the repression of the moon’s gravitational pull on Earth causes the social tension, strife, and very odd behaviors of people. There appears to be that some people are more sensitive to the gravitational forces that affect the tides in the oceans than others.

I tend to view the full moon as a time to see when the rats come out and who they are, so you know who to avoid in the daylight or at least be on heavy guard should have to deal with them on a daily basis. My reasoning on this is my research on the tested and measured human emotions from my article that show negative emotions measure lower on the scale. I’m drawing my conclusions that people lower on that scale are more easily affected by the full moon.





Image by Ponciano from Pixabay


Post Author: Bria