Why Raise Your Body’s Vibrational Frequency?

Have you heard some people say they did not feel the “vibe”? Have you encountered a location, office, or person that made you experience negative feelings, or a sense of being uncomfortable? Have you questioned your senses and had some doubts that your gut feelings were accurate about these sensations? Lets explain exactly what you […]

Watermelon, Banana, Lime Juice Recipe For Hydration

Watermelon, banana, lime juice Recipe is below this article which lays out some the health benefits of drinking this juice cocktail.  Hydration In The Heat Summers in Texas can get very hot. Texas temperatures go go well over 100 degrees and the heat index is much higher. During summer months with high temperatures, we all […]

Orange Juice Limeade Vanilla Smoothie

Orange Juice Limeade Vanilla Smoothie The recipe for the Orange juice limeade and video to make this juice   link is here https://breaie.com/healthy-orange-juice-limeade-recipe/   The video is in the blog recipe to follow to make the orange juice limeade. Or… If you prefer, here is the video: The only difference to this recipe is I added 4 […]

Bubba’s Cooks Country Review Yum

Bubba’s Cooks Country is a restaurant that I love to go to because let’s face it some days you just need your comfort food that is from your roots.  The definition of comfort foods means this: “Food that provides consolation or a feeling of well-being, typically any food with a high sugar or other carbohydrate […]