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Bubba’s Cooks Country is a restaurant that I love to go to because let’s face it some days you just need your comfort food that is from your roots.  The definition of comfort foods means this:

“Food that provides consolation or a feeling of well-being, typically any food with a high sugar or other carbohydrate content and associated with childhood or home cooking.”

Now we understand why this type of food is often called soul food.  Food that nourishes and comforts the soul.

Depending on the location you were reared up in and how you were fed meals prepared locally to your area will determine normally what your comfort food will be as an adult.

Everyone’s roots are not the same and so comfort foods represent different foods to different people. The majority of people are open to trying different foods and enjoy different types of foods, and cooking recipes from different regions at home.

Food does bring people together regardless of region or nationality.

Everyone has those days where only one type of specific regional cooking will do for that individual person.  For me, my tastes in food are varied, but I needed down home food.

From my understanding, Bubba’s started in Dallas Texas in the 1980s.  Their location there is a loved icon as one of the best restaurants in the area.  They opened a new dining location in Frisco Texas recently.

When I am hungry, I hate unexpected food surprises.  I’ve been there a few times prior to this visit so I knew what I was ordering for lunch  was going to be good eating with no surprises.

I had one of my favorite orders of the catfish filet fried in cornmeal.  Fried okra cooked a little crunchy the way fried okra should be. Black eyed peas slightly seasoned.  A delicious yeast roll with real sweet cream butter. The yeast rolls are so soft, fluffy, moist, and a little on the sweet side which just tastes fantastic.  If you are counting carbs and calories, just skip that for a day and live a little.

Their drink selections for sodas are interesting because all their drinks are made with real sugar. Depending on the area you are from, some folks call these drinks sodas, pop or Cokes.   No high fructose corn syrup or some other lab made artificial sweetener in their soda selection. The way these drinks should be. They have the normal tea and sweet tea offerings as well.

If you like this type of food, or interested in trying their menu, I highly recommend going there for sure for some “down home eatin.”.  They even give you your dinnerware in a linen napkin.

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