College Or Go Entrepreneur?

  Considering going to college out of high school or starting or continuing college to advance your career? Considering an advanced degree?  Consider some of these points that I have put together and weigh your decision carefully. Most successful entrepreneurs did not attend college or they dropped out of college.  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark […]

Start With Attainable Goals

  Whatever your path is in life or the path you want to take must have clearly defined written goals.  If you have never written goals out before and have no idea of what to do see my recent article I wrote on this subject To build your confidence on using this technique start […]

Real Estate Investing As A Side Hustle   I’ve written about side hustles previously as a way to generate extra income. If you are still in the trying to figure out what side hustle you are getting into that’s ok. There is a lot to learn.  While you are researching and testing, I suggest you go ahead and prepare yourself […]

Side Hustle?

Bria Harper We all know the world economy is changing.  Jobs are being eliminated and automated.  I don’t want to be all doom and gloom here just stating some facts. The wonderful news is there are new careers being created by employers and individuals in their businesses.  Everyone has to be flexible and open […]